Vermont CourtBot

A free service that will send you a text message reminder the day before your court hearing.

How it works:

Just text your docket number to:

(802) 760-2922

We will attempt to send you a reminder the evening before your court hearing.

Docket numbers look like 3 sets of numbers or characters like: 123-45-678 or 123-CR-45.

Curious how it works? Try it out in demo mode:

Text: testcase
To: (802) 760-2922

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need to verify my court date?
Yes! Court dates change frequently, so you should always verify the date and time of your hearing by visiting the Vermont Judiciary
Who maintains CourtBotVT?
CourtBotVT is maintained by volunteers at Code for BTV, a brigade of Code for America. If you would like to be involved with this or similar projects, please visit: Code for BTV